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Vintage Silk Maxi Wraps, Maxi Dresses, Multi Wear Dresses, Silk Skirts, 100 Way Dresses, Magic Wraps, Silk Wraps, Maxi Skirts

Convert this garment into many styles with lavish colours, from feminine elegance to vivid and exotic silks & satins each Silk Wrap is an individual & original handmade garment.  Silk Wraps are great for every season, they can be worn 100 different ways, casual or formal.  As a beautiful skirt, wonderful dress or flowing top, try wearing with a tank top, denim jacket and boots. 

Silk Wrap Dresses come in a free size 8 - 16 or Plus which is indicated in the description.  Silk Wrap dress lengths range from Short 20\" - 22\" suitable for a short skirt or top, Mid Length 20\" - 28\" suitable as a skirt or short dress and Long 30\" - 36\" suitable for long skirts and dresses.

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Maxi Wraps

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