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WyldSpice.com.au shopping treasures include vintage silk kaftans, resort wear, sterling silver, fashion jewellery, incense, fragrance lamps and oil burners.
WyldSpice believes in the concept of 'Trade not Aid'. A selection of our decor products are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers. We can help developing countries by providing a market for their traditional made goods, rather than encourage them into large scale industrialisation. These craftsmen and women work with natural or recycled materials using traditional skills, your purchase guarantees a fair price for these producers. This allows them to provide a better standard of living for their families, their communities and subsequently sustain their local economy.
In an effort to be environmentally friendly, WyldSpice recycles office paper & packing materials. Being the best form of recycling, because it doesn’t require further use of energy, either in converting or transporting the packaging prior to use. It simply extends the life of your paper consumables and avoid fill & packaging materials.

Boho fashion.